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Ever had a job tell you, “to the left to the left” as your boss is talking to you left or crazy? Most people have experienced a job they hate and a boss they can’t stand. Some of us have been even flat out told that we are replaceable when we know we’re not. Gone are the days of working on these tired jobs for Monopoly play play money. 

Take some time to write down what skills you have that can put you into business. What can you do or what do you know that you can sell? What skills do you do for your employer that you can do for your own business? If we’ve learned anything in the Year of the Rona is that you need a Skill and Not a Job to protect your financial wellness. Below are 5 reasons you should prioritize investing in your skillset development and start giving these jobs dust: 

Reason #1: 

Your Skill Won’t Fire You

Skills are something you have innately developed over time with diligence and practice. It’s knowledge and abilities you have and a specific expertise that only you have. What you have inside can be imitated but never duplicated. As grandma used to say, “Baby, what’s in your head, no one can take away.” Your skills don’t just decide to fire you without cause, furlough you because the business is cutting back, or lay you off indefinitely. Skills are ingrained into you once you know what you know. 

Reason #2

Skills Are Transferable

If you’re excellent at math, you can start your own accounting business. You can become a financial advisor. You could be on the economics team at Walt Disney World. First and foremost, you can learn to better manage your own personal finances. Point being, you don’t have to be pigeonholed at a job where you can only utilize your skill in one way. Skills open doors and numerous opportunities in various industries. 

Reason #3

There’s No Maximum Annual Salary / Salary Range

There are so many ways to make money when you have skill. Freelancing, Consulting, Contracting, Startup Businesses, and the list goes on and on. Get your money! Not one check but all the checks. Actually have the multiple streams of income to fund the lifestyle you dream of. 

Reason # 4

Freedom to Choose

Skills allow you the freedom to choose when to work, why you work, and who you work with. Not so much on a job where you have people you work with Monday through Friday that you don’t like and a job that doesn’t even pay you 10% of what your skills make for the company. 

Reason #5

Peace of Mind

85% of people hate their jobs. They need money and have bills, so they continue to go to a place they hate to work with people they don’t like for just enough money to get by until the next paycheck. They get stuck in a rut and a continuous cycle of survival.  When you develop your skills, you have the power to do what you enjoy and what you’re good at while setting your own rules. Power to set the tone for your future is one of the highest forms of peace one can achieve. 


Nearly 50 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the past 90 days. That’s over 15% of the US population out of work, with no money, experiencing devastation, and undergoing one of the wildest times of their lives during the 2020 pandemic. 

The real is that your job is NOT essential. Your skills are ESSENTIAL. The economy and the world need the skills you have. The “essential jobs” in America are some of the most underpaid and overworked occupations. Listen people! Turn your skills into a business.  Now more than ever, discover your value. Take an inventory of your skillsets.  Transition from employee to entrepreneur by using what you got: YOUR SKILLS! 

Comment below one skill you already have that you can start making money from now. 

Share with your friends and colleagues who are looking to make the leap into entrepreneurship this year!

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