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Greetings! Pleasantries! Welcome! What’s Happnin’! Whichever you prefer…Hello!

We are The Startup Specialists known by friends and family as simply Lindsey and Raven and guess what, we started a Blog! 

About what and for whom you may ask? 

Money, Business, and Entrepreneurship for Young Black Millennials in America tryin’ to get it. 

We’re sharing our story, our goals, and our entrepreneurship experience . Long story short we want to teach Black entrepreneurs how to start profitable online businesses – move your business from Idea to Execution.  

The traditional workforce has been rough on us these past few years and now with the pandemic going on or better yet two pandemics if you include the need for social justice reinforced by the Black Lives Matter Movement, we felt the call to help other young, black, business men and women who want to start a business of their own. 

We found that starting an online business can be intimidating, frustrating, and downright defeating when you lack resources, guidance, and mentorship, especially if you have no one in your life to teach you the strategic steps to starting a business. 


Drum Roll Please…..That’s why we’re here. Your girls, your sisters, your friends, your new business family, your ultimate resource…Lindsey and Raven. We want to help you. Yes you! We’ve be grindin since 2014, trying to figure out how to start a business with little to no money. We’ve done like 10,000 discovery calls (maybe not 10,000 but a whole lot), watched 100,000+ hours of Youtube University, signed up for courses on Udemy, Kajabi, Thinkific, and Teachable trying to figure out the keys to starting an online business. Your girls been studyin’ and researchin’. Fact of the matter is, we’ve a learned a whole lot and we’ve been able to apply it to our own business ventures. 

However…strong pause…not one video, not one course, not one guru, not one online “expert” really taught us the entire game or gave us the A to Z real, no fluff strategies on how to start a profitable online business from scratch with little to no money, no family and friends hookup, and no guided pathway.

They conveniently glossed over the resources, the contacts, the templates, the sales funnels, the strategies, oh yeah and most importantly the HOW! Everybody had some “bonus”, “freebie”, “secret sauce”, “special formula”, but they never actually revealed the step by step HOW. We had to figure that out on our own through so many trial and errors…extra focus on the error. 

I’m sure you get the point. Most of these “teachers”, “gurus”, “experts” sell you on possibilities and not real proven, recreatable, and easily applicable ways to create online income streams. 

We saw the need for black creatives to have a roadmap and guide to building wealth, so we’re actively creating one. We’ve learned so much over the past years and we continue to learn. One thing is for sure, this is not a sprint. It ain’t even a marathon. It’s more like an Ironman Triathlon. You have to be mentally focused, disciplined, and built to endure discomfort. Don’t even stress though. We got you. We’ve been there and still experience daily business calisthenics too, and we’ve been at this a while. We want to help you, motivate you, and most importantly teach you how you can transition from employee to entrepreneur. This is our promise to you… “Everything we know, we’ll teach you.” 

Now, let’s get this money!

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